"Your speech has motivated me to stop all the hate in the world. I know this will be hard, but your speech has truly made a difference." JC
"My prayer is that you can continue for many years to touch peoples' lives, and each of them can pass it on so that we can reduce hate crimes." MS
"Your talk made me realize I do get rude to others and talk about others when I shouldn't. You also made me realize that we should appreciate everything we have." KP

“Walk A Mile”


Created by:
Middle & High School Students
Purcell, Oklahoma

“Following the adage of “you can not judge a person until you have walked a mile in his (or her) moccasins (shoes)”, our school will create an installation piece of art that illustrates the concept.

Students will decorate a shoe in a way that represents who they are in the world- their thoughts, experiences, beliefs- they will paint/collage/write on a shoe, and on an attached tag complete the line, “If you walked a mile in my shoes you would know….”

The shoes are to be hung and connected with reflection tape to symbolize that, while we each have unique experiences and beliefs, we are all connected as the human race. A collection of the statements will be turned into a poem that will bring awareness to the fact that each of us walks with joy and love, pain and struggle, hope and fear.

Through this awareness and understanding we will foster community and the deeper understanding that we all have value, we all shine, and we are all connected. Hate and ignorance stem from the unknown and as we become known to one another, we will be moving towards genuine acceptance of all.”

After hearing you speak, I saw the importance in being colorblind. It doesn't matter what race you are; it is WHO you are. ZA
"I now understand that how I treat people actually affects them. I will be sure to treat people differently now!" AS
"I will do my best to not bully others. Race shouldn't matter, and don't bully; that is the main thing you taught me." ZC
"Your story made me think differently about religions and people all together." BB