Civic Leaders Say…

“I know you have touched many a life with the story of the Holocaust. We can never permit an event like this again, and you are helping! Keep speaking out about respect and tolerance
Mary Fallin
Former Oklahoma Governor
Sending civil rights leaders, Holocaust speakers, authors, artists, musicians and other educators into schools to supplement the curriculum is a wonderful endeavor. I applaud the thousands of students who are collaborating on artwork that will be displayed at the Science Museum of Oklahoma. Exploring diversity through the arts is a great way to teach respect for all people! The Respect Diversity Symbol Exhibit reminds us that our diversity makes us great. I applaud your efforts to promote respect, tolerance and peace.
Brad Henry
Former Oklahoma Governor
The work being done at the Respect Diversity Foundation is critical to the future of Oklahoma . . . to express the need for tolerance and understanding through art and poetry.
Kim Henry
Former First Lady of Oklahoma
The work you are doing with your Fun Runs Program is both important and inspiring. Pairing students with mental and/or physical disabilities with non-special needs buddies is one more way of integrating people into our society who are often forgotten. Not only are you promoting a healthy lifestyle, but you are also providing a powerful message about diversity and tolerance. It is so important that every person feel included and part of our great state.
Frank Keating
Former Oklahoma Governor