“Rising in Unity” was created by students from eight schools, inspired by the Respect Diversity Holocaust Art Education Project. This two-sided perspective is filled with unique mandalas. Messages of understanding and respect are written in Haiku on the colorful ribbons representing the diversity of cultures worldwide.

Students Say…

“When I got home I told my grandparents and my mother about your talk. This sparked discussion about the Holocaust and why we as a human race treat each other like that, and what we can do to stop prejudice and racism.” JB

“I will do my best to not bully others. Race shouldn’t matter, and don’t bully; that is the main thing you taught me. Thank you for talking to kids in my school. Your story really touched my heart.” ZC

“You taught me not to be racist against any people in this world. You changed the way I look at things. Thank you so very much.” SA

“Most people don’t like what they don’t understand, so they judge you because of it. Well, your story made me think differently about religions and people all together.” BB

“I hope when I become a teacher that I can make an impression on my students like you have made on me. My prayer is that you can continue for many years to touch peoples’ lives, and each of them can pass it on so that we can reduce hate crimes.” MS