The Respect Diversity Symbol Campaign

The Respect Diversity Symbol Campaign is a multi-dimensional project in which teachers or workshop leaders focus learners on a specific diversity issue – such as human rights, global unity, special needs, or religious tolerance.

This issue may be addressed organically, through a curriculum-centered experience (such as reading Maya Angelou’s book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, in literature class). In such an instance, the teacher simply capitalizes on a “teachable moment” to launch a Respect Diversity Symbol project.

At other times, participants may experience targeted Respect Diversity program. such as a speaker presenting a family story of harassment or violence motivated by intolerance.

In either case, once the participants have received a “mind and heart opening” educational or communication experience, they engage in discussion (usually avid and transformational).

After expressing their ideas in this discussion, participants collaborate to create a symbol of respect for diversity. Such a “symbol” might take the form of a school anthology, a visual art piece, a poem, or a song and dance routine. As a matter of fact, any artistic expression can be utilized to create a symbol of diversity.