Teachers & Other Educators Say…

“Thanks for your outstanding presentation. Your message reached each heart in the class. Your message is powerful and you carry it with dignity.” Dr. Joanne McMillan, Rose State College

“The Holocaust Art Education Project has taught our eighth graders about tolerance, understanding, respect, and how they can each make a difference in our world through the act of voting and participating in their community. They even learned history, sonnet writing, and many of the elements and principles of visual art. What an extraordinary experience!” J. T., middle school teacher

“The benefits of this program go beyond the regular education barriers we encounter everyday. Humanity is something that is difficult to relate, but you did it exceptionally well. You made a difference in our lives.” T.H.M., middle school teacher

“Your impact on our students will be long-lasting!” A.M.O., middle school teacher

“As you can tell by the notes from students in my classes, they learned a lot from you! I am looking forward to hearing your talk again in November.” Linda Wilson, middle school teacher

“This was a wonderful, once-in-a-blue-moon kind of opportunity.” Donna Parker, kindergarten teacher

“Your seminar and workshop has inspired discussion. You’ve lit the candle.” Karen Cox, Irving Middle School media specialist

“Mike mesmerized our middle school students, who stood without being prompted and gave a standing ovation.” Lisa Johnson, Taft Middle School principal

“Michael was engaging andinformative. He has a passion you can feel. Not subjective, very objective. This a topic of universal proportions. Michael related his information so very well. Students do not learn in a vacuum. Interrelating disciplines is how students learn.” L. H., middle school principal

“Mike’s presentation was wonderful. The students were awestruck, amazed. Mike put a face on what our students have read.” H. L., middle school principal

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation to our fifth graders. You have a true gift of speaking and teaching.” Cindy Young, Washington Irving Elementary School