“Different & The Same”

D&S LogoThe Respect Diversity Foundation and the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice are joining forces to offer an engaging diversity program. Our trained volunteers go into your schools one hour/week to teach a six-week curricula that promotes greater understanding and respect. Please encourage any interested teachers to attend the free training session.

• Different and the Same is a child-focused initiative that helps students identify, talk about, and prevent prejudice. The centerpiece of the program is a series of nine 12-15 minute, child-friendly DVDs; developed by the company affiliated with the highly-regarded children’s program, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

• The videos utilize a diverse group of puppets and live actors to teach lessons about differences, respect, and getting along with others.

• Through the DVDs, teachers and their students touch on themes ranging from stereotyping, speaking different languages, cross-cultural and interracial friendships, to standing up against prejudice.

• A trained facilitator guides the process, encouraging the participants to share their own experiences and come up with creative solutions. These lessons stay with children for a lifetime, helping them develop into caring and compassionate citizens.

• Joan Korenblit, 405-706-3828, rdfrdf@cox.net, www.respectdiversity.org.