"Your speech has motivated me to stop all the hate in the world. I know this will be hard, but your speech has truly made a difference." JC
"My prayer is that you can continue for many years to touch peoples' lives, and each of them can pass it on so that we can reduce hate crimes." MS
"Your talk made me realize I do get rude to others and talk about others when I shouldn't. You also made me realize that we should appreciate everything we have." KP


RD-FLUTE--ARTIST-TEACHERThe Respect Diversity Foundation’s bureau of speakers and artists includes: civil rights leaders; visual, creative and performing artists; authors; Holocaust educators; historians; entertainers; and storytellers.

These gifted communicators share their powerful, unique talents, stories and messages with people ages 3-103.

They can present and/or perform (in person or by Skype) in your school, place of worship, community group, agency, business, or firm.

Limited sponsorships (based on need) are available for full or partial payment of presenters’ fees (which are usually generously discounted by these wonderful people, for our organization).

Coming Soon: Descriptors of specialization areas (following names) and links to bios.

For now, if you would like to schedule a presentation or event, please contact Joan Korenblit (Joan@respectdiversity.org). She will help you find the right speaker or artist for your organization.

Linda Allen

Michael Allen

Zaineb Attia

Michael Barlow

Hadasa Bau & Clila Bau-Cohen

Don Betz

Norm Bond

Mark Bravo

Vikki Bravo

Peggy Brennan

Janice Burdine-Thacker

Shirley (Yukiko) Burnett

Shane DeRolf

James Ray Dixon

Brenda L. Effron

Allyn Evans

Stan Evans

Tracy S. Feldman

Peter Fischl

Bruce T. Fisher

Clydia Forehand

Raya Gonen

Gary Gray

Andrea Green

Steven Greer

Kelly Guinan

Robin Gurwitch

Carol Hamilton


Monty Harper

Sharon Heath

Dana Helms

Gwendolyn Hooks

Judy Howard

Tze-yue Gigi Hu

Eric Humphries

Colleen Iasielo

Kris Ice

Tracy Jackson

Hannibal Johnson

Freeta Jones

Dr. Kevin Len Jones

Barbara Jones

Willie Koenig

Joan Korenblit

Michael Korenblit

Jahruba Lambeth

Debbie Langston

Dr. Scout (Cloud) Lee

Pat Lyons

Vicky Longhofer

Shenetha Manuel

Dr. Wade McCoy

Paulette Meier

Robyn Miller

Chalise Miner

Hassan Miramberui


Sharon Montgomery

John Mowen

Gwen Mukes

Dr. Gloria J. Pollard

Mary Anne Potter

Gregory Pringle

Sharron Robenett

Karen Rogers

Raymond Rodgers

Ralph Savarese

Sheridan Hay Scott

Connie Seabourne

Julia Sewell

Gayla Sherry

Mary Stanaszek

Cheryl Steele

Erma Stewart

Minho Takahashi

J.E.T. Torrence

Alvin Vann

Randy Veitenheimer

Pat Webb

Amanda Joy Wells

Cynthia D. Wolf

Dwe Williams

After hearing you speak, I saw the importance in being colorblind. It doesn't matter what race you are; it is WHO you are. ZA
"I now understand that how I treat people actually affects them. I will be sure to treat people differently now!" AS
"I will do my best to not bully others. Race shouldn't matter, and don't bully; that is the main thing you taught me." ZC
"Your story made me think differently about religions and people all together." BB