Janice Thacker Burdine

Janice Thacker Burdine is an artist, and author, an arts speaker/educator and former school counselor (retired).

Her exhibition and lecture, “Genius of the Slaves: 31 Prints” illustrates the journey of African slaves to America and traces African-American history from that time to today. The 45-60 minute presentation is enhanced with music, a powerpoint presentation, and a book signing. (The prints are 18″x24″, unframed.)
She can customize residencies and workshops to an organization or group’s specific needs. Her exhibitions and presentations are more than compelling experiences; they are life-changing. While Ms. Thacker-Burdine’s presentations are enlightening, inspiring and transformative for audiences of almost all ages, they seem to have a heightened impact on middle- school and high- school youth, as she reaches out to let them know:
“You are so special, and you don’t even know it, and the reason you don’t know it is because nobody told you. But I’m here today to tell that you are special …and i’m going to tell you why.” 
Ms. Thacker-Burdine earned a bachelors degree in Art Education from Wichita State Univerity, followed by a masters in Art Education and certification in counseling from Emporia State University.  She has been a lifelong community activist, working tirelessly for positive change in youth in Kansas, New York, and even Italy.

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